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Not Sure If Your Tree Is Dead or Dormant? Part Two

What Homeowners Need to Know about Tree Removal & Arborist Service

There are numerous reasons why people remove trees from an area. It could simply be in the way when building a home, putting in a landscaped garden etc. Trees can also become a problem when they begin to overshadow homes and other buildings, or if they are diseased or dying, thus creating a safety risk. Utility companies remove trees also, in order to protect their lines, and trees can become intrusive when their roots begin to grown through pavements or crack swimming pools.

There are some situations when removing a tree can be done for free or at a greatly reduced price. If a tree begins to threaten utilities lines, the utility company will sometimes pay to have them removed. Dead trees, more so when they are diseased, are removed for free as well. If one threatens a property, it could be possible to get a grant, in order to pay for a professional removal service. However, before removing what you think to be a diseased tree, first call in an arborist service, so they can inspect the tree beforehand.

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