Tree trimming improves a tree’s health

Independent Arborist is Denham Springs, LA‘s leading tree contractor. We are a reputable company that performs various tree services, among which is tree cutting (or tree trimming). For over 2 decades, we have been cutting trees’ branches with remarkable results. We regard no job as too unimportant, even if it is small. There are also no challenges we cannot cope with.

tree prunningTree cutting (or tree trimming) is actually branch cutting. It is done to heal a tree, for aesthetic purposes, or as a safety measure. If the purpose is to improve a tree’s health, then only dead or diseased branches, or parts of branches are removed. If the purpose is to enhance a tree’s look, small branches, and newly-grown leaves on the outer part of the tree’s crown are removed in order to achieve a certain shape. We, at Independent Arborist, in Denham Springs, LA, know that a healthy and beautiful tree is an asset to any property, which is why we have a very serious approach to our work. Another important reason why a tree is cut is the safety of people and their property. With our help, you can eliminate the risk of a tree limb falling on a person or structure.

The the main advantage of working with us is our experience and the high level of proficiency that comes with it. Branch cutting should be done correctly if it is to have the desired beneficial effect. Otherwise the tree will be wounded and may even be killed. Every professional arborist we have on our team is well versed in the procedure and will handle your tree with the the utmost professionalism and care.

We are friendly as well as dedicated to our job and customer satisfaction. Our experts have the latest machinery and other equipment needed to perform the task flawlessly.

Call us at (225) 938-6042 whenever you need the finest tree service in town – from tree care to tree removal, our company does it all.

What is more, we do it proficiently.